Software Engineer.
I breathe code. I build things.


Hi, my name is Peter Götz. I'm a Software Engineer at Amazon, where I helped build AWS services like Lookout for Metrics, or where I founded PyWhy. I was also one of the tech leads for Amazon's expansion in international technologies, which allows you to shop for products originally only available in other countries. Previously, I worked at IBM, where I helped to build the IBM Cloud, when it was still in its very early days.

Ever since I started programming at the age of 9, I was fascinated by it. At the time, I thought arrays are probably the hardest thing in the world to understand. But eventually, I got over the hump and started with side scroller games in QBasic, went on to Turbo Pascal, then later to C/C++ on Windows and graphics programming with a special passion for raytracers. After graduating at Stuttgart University in Physics, I made my passion for coding my job, and to this day, it's just as fun as it was on the first day.

Today, I live in the lovely town of Echterdingen, Germany. If you want to get in touch, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn.